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Porcelain Boudoir / The Palace of Capodimonte, a grand Bourbon palace in Naples, was established in 1738. It now houses the Museo di Capodimonte. This Porcelain Boudoir is one of the many rooms and the best example of Charles of Bourbon (King of Spain, Naples, and Sicily) being open to European culture.

Nakie van Blakie / This sculpture ‘Vrede en Welvaart’ (Peace and Prosperity), by artist Piet Starreveld, was originally located in 1953 on a bank building at the Blaak. But since 1979 this sculpture has been moved to another bank building at the Coolsingel. The nakedness of the woman figure caused the Rotterdammers to name her ‘Naked from the Blaak’, which rhymes in Dutch, Nakie van Blakie. Since the relocation this nickname is no longer in common use.

The man from Mars ~ Diego Maradona Napoli won their only Serie A Italian Championships led by Maradona in the seasons 1986/87 and 1989/1990. Other honours included the Coppa Italia in 1987, the UEFA Cup in 1989 and the Italian Supercup in 1990.

Skull / The Certosa di San Martino is a former monastery complex, now a museum. Many skulls can be seen at the Chiostro Grande (courtyard). Located at Largo San Martino in Naples. / iPhoto

Eat the Poor / Display window at Via Toledo 392, Naples.