Iron Lion Page 20

Accordion Again / Some accordion artist playing his tunes on a terrace at Piazza Dante in Naples.

Blessed / The sculptures are to be seen on the rooftop of Palazzo dell’Immacolatella, which is a late Baroque style quarantine station building at the ‘waterfront’ in Naples. It was designed by architect, painter, and sculptor Domenico Antonio Vaccaro, somewhere in the 1740’s. Three ‘children’ are thinking about the colours of Naples, Rotterdam and Marseille. One ‘child’ is thinking about the city’s symbol from Liverpool.

Io odio i Fasci / The Feyenoord Kid became a stencilling technique, somewhere in Naples. / iPhoto

Feyenoord Kid / The image is of young five year old Mikey Wilson, just before the UEFA final match between Feyenoord and Borussia Dortmund in 2002. Taken by ANP photographer Jasper Juinen.