Iron Lion Page 18

Task Lion / inside Museo Archeologico Nazionale / Piazza Museo, Naples / iPhoto

Google Ad in local newspaper Il Denaro with on the back the painting Vesuvius by artist Andy Warhol (1985). / Courtesy Museo di Capodimonte, Naples / iPhoto

Rotterdam 2040 / In the book Rotterdam 2040, Gyz La Rivière philosophises about the future of Rotterdam by reviewing good and bad things from the remarkable past of his beloved city. He construes a possible future, which holds something for all its inhabitants, young and old, rich and poor, adventurous or timorous, interested or bored. A city which has a lot to gain in terms of status as well as eloquence. / photo: Pim Top, 2010 / 196 pages / edition: 1000

Napoli 2045 / 20:45 the time the Caremar ferry departs from Capri towards Naples. / iPhoto

Some other Lion / A Jugendstil Lion guarding the entrance of a house at Schiedamsesingel 161-163, Rotterdam.
The Jugendstil house is from the year 1901, by the architects D. van Ameijden van Duijm & Zn.

Schielandshuis room / The Schielands-
, built between 1662 and 1665, is the only remaining 17th Century building in the centre (Korte Hoogstraat) of Rotterdam. In 1978 the municipality renovated the building ‘completely’ in its 17th century style. / photo: Mark Werner Molenaar