Iron Lion Page 04

Yellow and Red / Somewhere in Naples.

Coat of Arms / Naples Municipality

Red and Yellow / Codarts and Calypso / Kruisplein, Rotterdam

Roman Store / Womensfashionstore at the Noordmolenstraat 76-78, Rotterdam.

Horse I / Willem IV (1317-1345), Count of Henegouwen gave town privileges (or city rights) to Rotterdam in 1340. / Sculpture by artist Willem Verbon, 1990.

Horse II / Is a book about the old city of Rotterdam before it was bombed, when you still saw many horses downtown. / illustration: Dick de Wilde / book cover from: de oude Stad en de paarden, Loek Elfferich / published by: H. P. Leopolds Uitgeversmij n.v., 1968

Horse III / Twentsche Ros, by artist Cor van Kralingen, 1948. / On the rooftop of former Twentsche Bank. / Blaak 28, Rotterdam

Horse IV / Light Gig, by artist Giny Vos, 2013. / Lantaren Venster, Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam

HIIHIHI / comic detail from: Agent 327, dossier elf / Martin Lodewijk, 1983