Iron Lion Page 06

Surbaissé Pediment / Museo Archeo-
logico Nazionale / Via San Teresa degli Scalzi, Naples

Surbaissé Pediments / Most pediments are mostly to be seen in Rotterdam West, East, North and in the Scheepvaartkwartier.

‘Qui dove il mare luccica…’ is from the song Caruso by Lucio Dalla (1986). It is dedicated to Enrico Caruso, a Neapolitan born tenor.

‘Ik heb je vaak geschreven maar er…’ is from the song Nu Jij Hier Niet Meer Bent by André Hazes from Amsterdam (1995). It is a remake of the song Caruso by Lucio Dalla.

Triangleye / 10000 eyes was a guerrilla project by the municipality and the police of Rotterdam to create more safety and social cohesion in the area Delfshaven in 2011. Many eyes were to be seen in that neigh-
bourhood back then. But if you sticker or stencil throughout the streets as an artist, then it’s crime. How weird is that?