Via San Giovanni in Porta

The Red Apple


‘I wouldn't be seen green
I wouldn't be caught dead
And if I'm caught at all
Then catch me in dead, red’
(The Wiz ~ Emerald City Sequence)


Vico Seminario dei Nobili

‘Oh, you've got to be seen green
Don't tell them your cupboard's bare
That you gave up one week's feed
To pay for your colored hair’
(The Wiz ~ Emerald City Sequence)

Naples Yellowi

Conservatorio di San Pietro a Majella

Via San Pietro a Majella

Het Blaakse Bos

Cube houses situated on a pedestrian bridge over the Blaak (Overblaak).

‘King in yellow, Queen in red’ ~
Le Schtroumpfissime (Peyo)
‘Il Re in giallo, la Regina in rosso’ ~
Le Schtroumpfissime (Peyo)


Yellow & Red

Vico Seminario dei Nobili
The colours of Naples.

Green, White & Green

The flag of Rotterdam

You wonder what's going to happen when Naples and Rotterdam combine their power? We're going to wash our new Empire in your face.
Ti chiedi che accadrebbe se Napoli e Rotterdam combinassero i loro poteri? Laveremo il vostro viso con il nostro nuovo Impero.


Vico Giganti



The Wijdesteeg in the area Rotterdam Delfshaven is built around 1600 and was formerly known as the Wijdepoort (Wijdegate). The name Wijdegate was probably there because of the original wideness of the alley. In the years after, during the construction of extra buildings, the Wijdegate became Wijdesteeg (Wijdealley). Rotterdam used to have many alleys. The Wijdesteeg is the last one.

Narrow has different faces and the mind
has no colour.
La strettoia ha diverse facce
e l'anima non ha colore.