Iron Lion Page 25

‘…inside the veins, you know…’ is a translation detail from the song Caruso by Lucio Dalla (1986). It is dedicated to Enrico Caruso, a Neapolitan born tenor.

One World / Rasta club at Boekhorststraat, Rotterdam.

Irreversible / Mural by artist Ad Schouten, 1994. / On the corner of Hillelaan and Bloemfonteinstraat, Rotterdam South.

Fieri / Fieri (Proud), is an installation by artist Nadia Magnacca. The four fibreglass felines (in the picture you see three of them) are going for a walk on Piazza dei Martiri in Naples. They symbolise, for the artist, an invitation towards a new energetic leap forward for the city of Naples.